If you care for an elderly person please remember you may need catse as you become a senior citizen. People who care should be female carers with practical experience in a nursing home or  caring for their elderly relatives and also having cared for both men and women because some men can be aggressive if not handed by a man carer. Personally I prefer a women carer because my care includes weekly shopping which is delivered after being  been through a checkout based on using my Credit or Debit cards. Carers are honest and trustworthy and should be considered  lower class just because they care for the elderly. They should be respected and appreciated by clients they care for throughout the caring industry. In the past I have cared for the elderly as a volunteer Driver for a charity for a total of 13 years..


Children over the age of 3 should not be allowed to sleep with each other regardless of gender because they explore each other's genitals, which can lead to full blow sex and if not prevented early a brother and sister can become in live with each other and prepared tohave children together, which if parents were aware if their developing relationship could have prevented Incest within their family. Educating parents about possible Incest should be considered permanent because only people who haveexperienced potential Incest would be able to identify problems caused by allowing children to sleep together without considering alternative sleeping arrangements for all family member of all ages. 

When we pass over to the Spirit World ?

Every person who passes away and fails to achieve perpetual life is held back until their true partners are ready to reincarnate at the same time to become the Conscious Awareness of unborn babies, who are destined to eventually find each other and return to the spirit world to be assessed to qualify for perpetual life together. However, failure to qualify after their current life cycle together they reincarnate and start life again sand become the Conscious Awareness of an unborn baby with a new set of emotions, which determine the part they play ion the theatre of life; socially minded or otherwise. If you refuse to protect your virginity for the man you consider your true partner you have little or no chance of achieving perpetual life because a Girls virginity should be considered a treasuretothe man theymarry

Elderly Care !

As a volunteer driver for a total of 13 years before retiring, my experience with elderly people has provided me with information to enhance the life of senior citizens. Every week I transpired Cyril from Roman way Alcester, who step son Bernard wassails a volunteer Driver and so too was Bernard's wife Silvia, who lives in Butter street, close to Jean, wife of Albert James, who's family homme wasat number 4 council house Broom, which number was changed to 22 after 1945 and was next door to Rex James, and their family at number 5, which was changed to number 20. Our father Rex James, who was a Roller man at Broom Flour mill, committed suicide in the river Arrow so too did Jack Horne, our next-doorneigh bough at number 6, who shot himself with a 4 ten cartridge gun after being made redundant from the railway thenlosing his wife Olive violet, who was a friend of our moth Violetolive. Elderly people are being neglected by theirchildren, which is detrimental to True Democracy. 

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut.