Peoplewho Reincarnated !

Prior to the Splitting the Atom during 1942, every time a person died reincarnated immediately to start life again as the Conscious Awareness of an unborn baby with new set of Emotions to determine the part they play in the theatre of life; socially mind or otherwise. However, from 1942, people who died transferred to the Spirit World Dimension and until this world seriously removes poverty and prison inmate number begin to decline, people who are destined to reincarnate will not do so and they will return in priority order. Meanwhile people in the Spirit World Dimension communicate with Clairvoyants to encourage people to Develop Society in a True Democratic way by sharing world resources and wealth and refrain from exploiting people who are le well off so they too can achieve their Eager Desires.  

A God, I AM and also a Man!

People who consider there is another alternative to true Democracy do so because they do not belie true democracy will be achieved by sharing world resources and wealth, which would remove poverty worldwide and decrease prison inmate numbers as children are seriously monitored from birth to 16 years of age for abuse, Incest and other antisocial problems found within Family Units. Furthermore, wealthy people believe it is their right to be wealthy and refuse to help remove poverty. However, when next they reincarnate they become the Conscious Awareness of an unborn baby with new set of Emotions, which determine the part they play in the theatre of life; socially minded or otherwise. However, even by knowing, they will not heed my words because what they know of the future is a mystery just as the people they were in the past is unknown and less important than their current or future lifecycle. As we arrive in the Spirit World Dimension we soon learn, based on a different understanding the word God is our only understanding of an intelligence far beyond human comprehension and they know if they had been more considerate to people less well-off, they would have removed poverty many years ago and made sure DNA profiling was mandatory worldwide.  

Traveling iun Space!

When I was born October 28 -  1936, many people were aware of who I was in the pat and how necessary to provide for my education and social standing because they were aware I would be wakening and remain in cognit just as they do as they live their life considering to be the Ellet in society and destined to control world population with their wealth. However, they also believe my waking is no less important thin their own 14-year waking, although my wakening was complete within 3 years from 1981 to 1984. Based on many paranormal experiences yet to be known as the 14year wakening is reduced to 12 years, opposed to present day 14 years. Then perhaps they will make sure poverty is removed and True democracy I achieved by sharing wealth with people les well off in society. As a man I Am the reincarnation of Adam and many more prophets of the past, which include, Abraham, Tutankhamun, Moses, Muhammed, George Washington and Willim Shakespeare just to name a few of my past Life-cycles. Future Space Travel can only be ached by ensuring everyone contributes, based on the enormous cost of space exploration and tektology for eventually.

Start Trek and Planet of the Apes!

Star Trek, is only a reality providing this world is not destroyed and life begins again as the Great apes in the Congo are activated via Evolution to become the Planet of The Apes and as we reincarnate we will become and know, who we were in the past, based on building be destroyed by a Nuclear War, far more devastating than Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the Japanese Destroyed Pearl Harbour during 1945. Every time I write there is always someone, who is offended because my words prick their conscience and they want to prevent me writing. However, I know more than I have written about Social Development, based on my long-term memory, which with a clear conscience and being Great Grandfather. Identifies me as a natural Psychologist without Academic Qualifications.

My True Partner and Me!

Prior to my Divorce during 2011, my true partner came to me and we began communicating via Mental Telepathy, which is not what I anticipating being a 74year-old senior citizen. Furthermore, I was aware immediately who She was and what we meant to each other. However, I soon learned I was communicating with her subconscious and not her personal self. Having been married to the same person for52 years since 1958, it came as quite a surprise to our family and friends when my wife filed a petition for our divorce. However, my x wife was helpful as divorce proceeding took place. From then we eventually parted when our divorce war declared Absolute Jan 2011, then after living in a Hotel for 9 weeks, transferred to the Apartment I live on my own at present; here in Evesham. Unfortunately, we Have an age gap of about 45 years, which makes it difficult to be anything more than an   Employee and Employer relationship. Meanwhile, we continue to communicate via Mental Telepathy but have not made personal contact but will do so when I am about to relocate and able to afford a PA/ House keeper plus an appropriate salary. Furthermore, my true partner, has made sure I am immune from being exploited from young women,  who would take advantage of my life-style of a single man.

True Partners Coming Together!

Practical experience I have in many areas of Life but very few people experience True Partnership, until they begin communication with each other via Mental Telepathy. However, although I communicate with my true partner on a regular basis, she may not be ready to communicate in the same way because personal issues may block our communication until they have been dealt with. Further our age difference would not prevent us coming together personally, providing we do not cause embarrassment by expecting anything more than friendship. If I do not succeed in communicating with my true partner we will come together in a future life-cycle because we will only come together in this life-cycle; providing we are destined to do so. My age of 81, will ensure a long life and my latest medical report is indicative of achieving more than average life- cycle. 

If you hve Found your True Partner!

If you have found your True Partner and she or he is not aware you are true Partners the easiest way to identify a tire partneris via the YES. /No signal of a Dewing Pendulum, which is how you Decide a potential partner will be compatible with you because some people arenot destined to locate their true partner in their current life-cycle. 

Mr, JosephLandrut 

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut..