isamicc Terroists Children !

Having left school at 15 years of age during 1951, I achieved no academicqualifications bit was not brainwashed with religion by my father although he passed for the grammar school then left soon after as a 11 year old to help provide for his brothers and sisters. Children who are brainwashed with religion and have no academic qualifications  lose interest in ever being anything else but antisocial and disruption in retaliations for being neglected by peopled in Authority. However, my life has been one of practical experience in both Australia and the United kingdom but having no university degree has been a handicap in becoming top management. Islam Terroirs know they have no hope for the future but they could make sure they negotiate for their children to be educated  to prevent them becoming antisocial and Terrorist. Children worldwide are societies future Parents and grandparents so it is the responsibility to recognise the need to ensure al children receive the chance to be deducted to possible university level without being brainwashed with religion because religious fanatics of both Muslim and Christian religious  are decremental to society achieving true democracy by sharing world resources and wealth and then  everyone can enjoy a lifestyle indicative to people who are betteroff because they are fortunate enough to be born into a family who show care and consideration to their children, which is difficult if you are considered the least well off in society. 

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut. 


In Almighty God we Trust!

Islam Shari law is to be integrated with Christ law because miss quoted statements are not what society would except because in this day and age people are much more logical than years ago because they were people with very little education and could be fooled by tricks in the name of miraclesbut logical people would not be fooled to day even if Jesus stood on a stage and performedmiracles, which would considered not anymore than a conjurers trick and if he was at a fancy dress ball  dressed as Jesus Chitsin   an  Arab white  robe with black head band and sandals on his feet. As the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, who had the same conscious awareness as myself will one day attend a fancy dress and  expose myself to possible assassination because my life is just a passing faze to achieve perpetual life and if necessary I will return many times to complete my task, which is to remove poverty worldwide and introduce DNA profiling and as polygamy becomes understood as detrimental to every man and women worldwide. Everyone has a guilty conscience and words I write cause problems for people who pay others to destroy me and my computer but my late brother and other robots in the spirit world protect me and my computer 100% or I would have been destroyed years ago long before I began to awaken during 1981,when my brain was squeezed just as it was when I was Moses and many otherprophets of the past. God is Almighty and loves his children providing they love their brothers and sisters.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut.

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut