The National Health Service!

Prior to the introduction to the NHS doctors were paid by patient who could ill afford it so during the late 1940's the NHS began to provide 100% medical care for everyone regardless of age. However, medicine in this days were liquid in a bottle before tablets came into the system and the first prescriptioncharge was one shilling per item paid at the  dispensing  pharmacy. These days the NHS cost the taxpayer much more than need be because of corruption in various department of the NHS, where employees are encourages to purchase from certain supplier based on receiving incentives. However, personally as a senior citizen I am aware that pharmacists add items to a pensionrequirements to create more sales and profit for the company and if an elderly person points out the extraunneeded item to relatives they goignored by considering they are becoming forgetful in their old age but it is important to highlight any malpractices in the NHS or we may lose the 100% medical facility permanently.

Furthermore some years ago a doctor told me 40 patientsthe previous month failedTo turn up for an appointment and when I suggested they should be invoiced for wasting GP's valued time he said the NHS would not allow it. Everyone would miss our NHS and unless the general public make a point of high livingwage then we will lose the finest health service in the world. When emigrating to Australia 1965, I was introduced to the Blue Cross medical benefit scheme and paid about £7 per month for 4  of us in the family but we paid doctors invoices monthly and had 80 % refunded via the Blue Cross Medical benefits located in a large retail store and if a motherwent in hospital to give birth and elected to go into a public war opposed to aprivate ward Blue Cross would give £100 rebate to the family. 


Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Kind regards

Joseph Landrut