Sea Creatures of the Deep!

As many sea monsters of the deep became extinct smaller fish were able to multiply because larger animals consume huge amounts of plankton, which decreases the small fish population. However, all sea creatures have a ConsciousAwareness and emotions just as human do and also some of long term memories such as the whale. This mean larger animals need to be culled humanly then smaller fish stocks will increase in number also sharks should be exterminated as soon as possible because they are antisocial to  all fish and humans because they know their numbers are declining  because the great white shark will soon be extinct fishermen on river  or sea when they land a fish they should not allow it  to swim with its toplip torn off it needs to be studded in a humane way  to avoid pain and suffering. Cod landed by fisherman should not be returned to the oceanbecause of size restriction but should be sold to fish farms to rear to a salable weight. Large mother Tuna fish lay on the ocean floor as they produce large numbers of baby tuna and if a mother Tuna is landed they should carefullyreturn her to the ocean floor as she produces a constant supply of Tuna.

Every animal of the deep is a man or women  just as we are male and female  and their emotions must be considered when removing the from rivers lakes and oceans. Furthermore animals considered dangerous to man should be exterminated or kept in Zoos of areas fenced off located away from the general public because people worldwide are peopleto be considered more important than any animals because  lovers of Dogs cats should consider leaving a legacy for the needy instead of leaving funds  to people who consider dog and cats are more important than people because I asked an American lady via the internet how much would she leave to children in need and she replied nothing it will be left to a dogs home and I decided not to continue our chat but was surprised at her reply which is indicative to most animals lovers including pet horses, who sometime soon reincarnate to become human beings. 

Mr, Joseph Landrut.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut..