Bio of Josephg Landrut!

For years since my awakening began during 1081, I have worked diligently and honestly  to prove to people in Authority, who I am and what I know, based on paranormal experiences and being employed from theday I left school  during 19451, and gained practical experiences in a lathevariety of low paid employments both in Australis as a British migrantNov 11, 1065 and the united Kingdom. Having divorced my wife  for her and my families protection I now live in a leased apartment in Evesham with one hour care every Monday and one and ghusl hors care for my shopping to be purchased and delved Saturday between 5 and 7 pm. As a Great Grand father, who has taken care of my family when one of the children were bornI can live my live as both husband and wife because I now have no choice. My final conclusion is to remain a single man and fade away as soon as possible know that I maty be back in many years to come without acorncowingbecause I will always arrivetrod marry my two wife's one of which will be my true partner. Tonight I retire and leave you all to come to terms with this world and will votive to be a man who knows and knows he knows until I pass awaitwith the knowledge greed has taken over this world and will be destructive for many years to come until society decides to achieve DNA profiling and true Democracy..

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Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut..