Care and Cleanig Companies !

Having been a self appointedCharmin of a cleaning company I incorporated  a few years ago as a Husband and wifeteam,trading progressively until my wife, who suffered back problems caused me to contact companies house in Cardiff  for the appropriate form to close the company. However, care and cleaning companies should be incorporated  with at least threeDirectors with at least one company share  issued from the standard 1,000 shares of a limited company. All Directors should be recruited from middle management of eithergender, who have practical experience  in Home care for the elderly. The three Directors should be independent of one another to ensure the company is administer Democratically. Furthermore all carers should receive the national vehicle mileage allowance of 45 pence  per mile paid via their monthsally. Every carer should be allowed enough time to travel to the next  clientwithout cutting short a clients care. However, as a senior citizen I consider care for the elderly is paramount because when elderly people are placed in a nursing home many consider they are in prison having lost their freedom So it is important for active senior citizens in a nursing home should be taken out from time to time at extra cost  to the client. Hospital appointments for the elderly via the Volunteer  transform services should be accompanied by a relative, friend or carer because most patients may need to visitto several clinics within the Hospital and Volunteer Drivers  provide their free time to take patient to the main entrance an pick them up a maximum  of two hours later or obliged to charge the client for a double journey.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut