Social Benefits !

 Social benefits were designed many years age when Britain was enjoying full employment but now Britain is trying to main agential services via local councils it is important social benefits should be means tested  beginning with child benefit, which  should be paid to families, who have a joint income of £60, 000.00 per year. Followed by the mobility allowance, based on  people with vehicles provided for their mobility should pay their own vehicle comprehensive insurance and road fund licence, based on the same £60k criterion. Then every benefit means test should be approved by both housesof parliament because Britain will need to use social benefits to seriously monitor children from birth until they are 16 years of age for abuse, Incest and other antisocial problems found within Family Units. Every person should consider council tax is collected to provide important services for elderly home support and for the carers to be monitored  to ensure they are dedicated to the caring profession and at the same time paid to reflect their value to the elderly.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut