Ever Reincarnation!

When I began a three-year awakening during 1981, I learned all my previous lives were with a partner that was not my true partner and always at a later date found my true partner because my Conscious Awareness was the same relating to the following people Adam, Abraham, Tutankhamun, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, George Washington and William Shakespeare to name just a few. We have all reincarnated in the past and will continue to do so until we find our true partner and return to our dimension of origin aft achieving perpetual life. Then the remember the life cycle we achieved perpetual life and also memories of our current life cycle regardless of how many time we reincarnate in the future but we will always know we have two memories and also the date we gained our qualifying life cycle way into the future.


People who take tablets as an attempt to commit suicide would be subject to a court appearance in Australia during the 1960's' when I was a British migrant with my wife and two small children. However, being prosecuted for attempting suicide is a deterrent for further attempts but overdosing here in England is considered worth cleaning out your stomach with a stomach pump, which is certainly a deterrent for further attempt to achieve committing suicide.  

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut,

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut .