First Secon and Third !

 Women in the past gave birth without being supported because when Mary the mother of Jesus gave birth it was a believed she was on her own isolated until Jesus was born and suffered agonies for conceiving a child out of wowed lock. However, like all pain in child birth it is soon forgotten, consequently Mary gave birth to two more sons Simon and James but when Jesus realised he was the son of God his family and friend refused to believe him and eventually crucified by heathen know today as Atheists.

Even my birth in 1936 was a nightmare for both my parents because my mother was a good looking girl and admired by many men who loved her so when she gave bath to me at 28 high street Broom the midwife asked for the bed to be raised so Dad place house bricks under all four legs of the bed. The mid wife soon rallied as my mother lost blood she needed to be hospitalised and receive a cyberian, which would have ensured her safety.

However, In those days there was no NHS free health service and I remember my father having 2 shilling and sixpence entered on the card for paying time payments. Doctors in those days were far superior because they would visit patients home and many patients could not afford to keep up their time payments but those Doctors were aware of much more than the general public and respected by all. Mymother gave birth to 5 children over a 6 year period starting with my sister September 1935, followed by 4 others in quick succession.

Midwifes would only seek a Doctors help if the mothers life was in danger and some midwifes could have been faced with having to perform a cycadean operation or the mother a child would die so a Firstchild and Third could easily bee less painful with a spinal injection for mother to give birth.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut