When I was 13 Years of age during 1949 our Secondary school Head Master Mr, Savage sent for me to report to his office and invited me to sit close to his secretary vend gave me a sheet of paper and a pencil and said please drawer me a Robot a few minutes later I had drawn a robot with oblong body and square headthen picking up my drawing and without explanation for my drawing Mr, Savage said OK, Jimmy you can return to your class now. The name Jimmy is another name for James which is a also a surname and Mr, Savage would always refer toteachers and pupils by their surname. Most days Mr, Savage would give me a Half-crown coin and I would gofor a packet of Senior Service cigarettes from Mr, Trafford small Grocery Store 200 yards from the school and were I was employed as a grocery delivery boy Friday evening andSaturday morning for 5 shilling per week plus 3 shillings and sixpence in tips Mr, Trafford provided war time rationed Groceries fork his loyal customers - Open Hours TV series reminds me of the delivery cycle I rode with boxes of grocery I could hardly see over the top then Saturday morning Mr Trafford would give me the stores weekly taking s of £400 in a brown paper bag to deposit at Lloyds Bank Bedford On Avon, close to the infants school I attended b from the age of 4 now known as the 'Jolly Teapot' a meeting place for the elderly for teak and cakes for 50 pence which it coast me during 2008 when My wife and I walked inthe classroom.
Mr, Joseph Landrut

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert neil Landrut,