Police Forces Worldwide!

Police forces world wide are the most socially minded citizens because every  day on duty they put their life in Jeopardyto protect the General public and when anyone is pedantic with police to changeproceduresand cause un pessaryexpense  to prove their point of view when challenged for their details. However, law abiding citizens should provide their details freely to ensure protection of the general public because people versed in police procedure  and pedantic  contribute to police ongoingtraining and if necessary the law can be changed to further protect the general public. Potential police constables should be considered for training providing their family life will be indicative to a police un-sociable hours because although I considered joining the police force in both Australia and the United Kingdom during the late 1960's, I am now please I refrained from doing so because my care and consideration for people being killed  on road would have caused me to remember my late son Neil Robert who was killed one dark wind and Rainey night  during 1999, and as a policeman would have made sure  the person who struck the back wheel of his cycle was prosecuted for dangerous driving parents never expect to pass away before their children and a time when parent appreciate the compassion of police incoming parents of their loss.Every policeman should be respected because  they carry out theirdotty in or our of uniform to protector the general public from would be criminals worldwide. 

Mr, Joseph Landrut.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut