All Bank are Greedy !

Bankers who collect largebonuses should be replaced  with midland management as they  graduate andclimb to higher  management levels either as accountants or computer programmers becausethey are  trained ascashiers to serve the public. Cashiers who choose to do so can becomecomputer programmers, accountants or customer services. The when a vacancy  is available for middle management they can apply to become a middle manager. Then middle manages  would be considered for top manager, who would be appointed Directors with at leased 1share to qualify to vote at Board meetings. Basic Interest rates for savers should be controlled by the Bank of England and as the Bank of England  raises the savings interest rate all banks should pay savers  the  interest rate establish by the Bank of England, which is at present 0.25%.We know as senior citizen and complain about the low bank rate  advised to shop elsewhere if not satisfied. Meanwhile pensions are being eroded by not able to subsidise  income with favourable Bank savings Interest rates.

Kind regards Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut..